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Enso* is a Japanese word meaning "round shape" and symbolizes the attainment of supreme enlightenment in Zen Buddhism. The symbolism perfectly matches our philosophy of the moment when the mind is free and lets the spirit create - a perfect union and complete fusion between the nature of the wine and the worldview of the oenologist.

ENSO wines are the inspiration of the young oenologist Mariana Galabova to revive the Bulgarian grape varieties. In the region of the village of Lesichovo, we mature some of the most distinctive ones - Mavrud, Rubin and Thrakijska slava.

VGNR Dry white wine 2023
Limited quantity of only  800 bottles. The colour is pale, s...
BGN 15.50
ОТТ1L Orange wine 2023
Limited quantity of 1500 bottles.OTT1L is an orange wine fro...
BGN 18.50
FieLD8 Dry red wine 2021
Dry, red wine, blend of Mavrud, Rubin and Thracian Glory var...
BGN 19.50