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Delivery policy


*This Delivery Policy is an integral part of the overall General Terms of Seewines Spirit Jsc, available here and should be interpreted only in their entirety.

1. Goods shall be delivered by a courier selected by the Client among the ones available in the Online Store.


2. A Client shall receive the Goods at the address specified by them when placing the order through a courier company selected and specified by the Supplier. Goods shall be delivered only to correct postal addresses. The Supplier shall not be liable to the Client for non-delivery of the Goods and any resulting damages in the event that the Client has provided an invalid, non-existent or foreign address or that the courier is unable to contact the Client due to a foreign or incorrect telephone number provided. The transfer of risk to the Client takes place upon delivery, so it is important that the Client takes all measures to ensure receipt of their order at the address provided


3. Deliveries are to be made in terms according to the Supplier's existing internal delivery plan and the courier company used. The goods shall be handed over by the Supplier to the courier company within 7 (seven) working days from the date of finalization of the order (the confirmation sent under Section 2.6 of Section V of the General Terms). The term can be extended in in the circumstance that the Goods are not available, for which the Client shall be duly notified.


4. The specific delivery time depends on the conditions of the courier company.


5. The price of the Goods as quoted in the Online Store does not include postage and shipping costs. The cost of postage or shipping costs is not determined by Supplier, but by the courier company's tariff, and is provided as information to the Client when selecting the Goods for the conclusion of the purchase contract and before finalizing the order.


6. The Client undertakes to render all possible assistance to Supplier and the courier in connection with the delivery and to notify the courier of any circumstances which may impede the delivery.


7. Upon delivery, the Client signs the bill of lading provided by the courier service, thereby certifying proper performance of the order.


8.1. The Client must inspect the Goods at the time of delivery and handover by the courier/postal operator and if they do not comply notify Supplier immediately. If, in such event, the Client fails to notify Supplier, the Goods shall be deemed to have been approved as conforming to the requirements, without limiting the withdraw option under Section IX and the right for claims.

8.2. The Client‘s rights to claims as well as the statutory warranty for Goods are provided under the applicable legislation, including the Consumer Protection Act, Provision of Digital Content and Digital Services For the Sale of Goods Act, if applicable.


9. The Goods are delivered in such quality and in such packaging, as agreed upon below, and in accordance to the normal commercial conditions. Unless otherwise agreed, Supplier shall deliver the Goods to the Client in its own packing materials.