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*This constitutes an integral part of the General Terms of Seewines Spirit Jsc., available here and are to interpreted only insofar their full content. For more information you must read and acknolwedge Section IX of the General Terms – RIGHT TO WITHDRAW

Standard withdraw notice

II. You may withdraw from the current contract without providing reasoning in a 14 day term.

III. The 14 day term begins following the date on which you or any third party, other than the courier or another party appointed by you, has taken over the goods.

To exercise the right to withdraw you must notify us of your name, geographical address, and phone number, fax, email address (if applicable), for the decision to withdraw from the contract with an unquestionable declaration (i.e. letter, sent by mail, fax or e-mail)

You may use the standard form attached, however this is not mandatory.

In order to be compliant with the term for withdrawal, it is sufficient to send the notice, regarding the exercising of your right, prior to the expiration of the term.

IV. Withdraw force

Should you withdraw from this contract, we shall restore all payments we have received from you, including delivery expenses (excluding additional expenses, regarding a method of delivery specified by you, other than the cheapest, standard way of delivery provided by us), without any unjustified delay, and in any case, no later than 14 days following the date on which you inform us of your decision to withdraw. We shall execute the return of payments, by using the same payment method which was used by you in the initial transaction, unless you expressly agree otherwise, in any case, this restoration will not incur any additional expenses towards you. We may delay the return of payments until we receive back the goods, or until we receive proof that you have sent us the goods, regarding which of the two events, occurs first.

We expect you to send or return the goods back to us, without any unjustified delay, and in any case, no later than 14 days, following the date on which you inform us of your decision to withdraw.

The term is considered kept, if you send us back the goods, prior to the expiration of the 14-day term.

You must take up the expenses on returning the goods to us. These expenses are not expected to exceed the price of delivery or standard courier fare.

You are responsible for any depreciation of the quality of the goods as a result of you testing them, other than the necessary for certifying their nature, characteristics and proper functioning.

Standard right to withdraw exercise form

(fill in and send to us this form, in the event where you wish to withdraw from the contract) 

– To Seewines Spirit Jsc, Sofia, Vitosha region, 106 Bulgaria blvd, entr. D

– I/We hereby notify that I/we withdraw from the contract concluded, for the purchase of goods/for the provision of the following service *

– Ordered on/Received on *

– Consumer/s* name

– Consumer/s* address

– Consumer/s* signature (in the event that this form is on paper)

– Date


* Cross out what is not applicable.