ARKANA is a taste for connoisseurs, produced from real fruit, carefully grown in its own vineyards, combining new technologies and traditional knowledge. ARKANA's rich symbolism is inspired by nature and its elements, which we use in its creation. These are also the signs you will find on the face of ARKANA - the guide in our process. Water as a symbol of life. The earth that bears the priceless fruits. The fire we apply in the distillation processes. The air that carries the lightness of perfection.

Arkana Single Barrel
Noble, golden color, the result of long aging. The aroma is ...
BGN 65.00
Rakia Arkana Barrel аged
Muscat rakia aged up to 18 months in 500 liter Bulgarian oak...
BGN 49.00
Ракия Аркана 42% 700мл. + Луксозна опаковка
Pure grape brandy from Muscat Ottonel. The aroma is intense ...
BGN 36.90
RAKIA ARKANA abv.42% 700ml
Arkana is made of 100% Muscat Ottonel grapes. The aroma is i...
BGN 31.90