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FieLD8 Dry red wine 2021

Dry, red wine, blend of Mavrud, Rubin and Thracian Glory varieties (a cross between Pamid and Mavrud). Fresh wine with soft and pleasant tannins.

Terroir characteristics: The vineyards are located on the low, hilly slopes of Sredna Gora, in the region of the village of Lesichovo, between 250-350m above sea level, whose exposure determines the uniform exposure to the sun. The Topolnitsa River crosses the village in its lower course and is a leading factor for the mild microclimate, contributing to the full and timely ripening of the grapes. They are grown organically, without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and are nourished by manure and weeding in the rows. The grapes for this wine come from plot 8 - hence the play on its name. This plot is a kind of varietal library - we grow the typical Bulgarian red grape varieties - Mavrud, Thracian Slava, Ruby, as well as some white ones - Muscat and Tamyanka. For FieLD8, vintage 2021, we used only the harvested grapes Mavrud, Ruby and Thracian Glory (a cross between Mavrud and Pamid varieties).

Harvesting and vinification: Harvesting starts in mid-September and is entirely manual, which allows the selection of the grapes already on the estate. The two varieties Mavrud and Rubin are fermented together, and the grapes of the Thracian Glory variety are allowed to dry naturally by spreading on wooden racks, after which they proceed to fermentation. Stainless steel vessels are used, after which the two wines are blended. This is followed by aging for about 7-8 months in old French oak barrels. The wine is bottled unfiltered, and the series is limited to 320 bottles.

Tasting notes: The wine has a bright ruby red color. The aroma is dominated by well-ripened black and red berries, black cherry, blue plum, which pleasantly correspond with distinct herbal and peppery notes, typical of Mavruda and Rubina, followed by a subtle nuance of vanilla and milk chocolate. The taste is surprisingly fresh, and the sweetness coming from the Thracian glory is weaker and softened compared to the 2020 harvest, thanks to the third variety involved in the blend - Rubin. The tannins are soft and pleasant, and the finish ends with the softness of a well-ripened Sultan raisin.

Food Pairing: FieLD8 offers quite a fresh feel, making it a great summer red wine, including on its own. Suitable food combinations include light dishes with grilled vegetables and white meats. For more daring tasters, a combination with light chocolate-based desserts is recommended.

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Mavrud, Rubin, Thrakijska slava
13 abv%
Alluvial and cinnamon forest soils
3200 vines/ha
Cordon Royal for the 10-50 years old vines
av. 4 t/ha
Dry red wines, IGT Thracian valley