Arkana Nota

Arkana Nota - Pinot Noir, summer

Notus is the Greek god of the south wind and summer. People have often feared him and the storms he brings.

The elegant Pinot Noir variety is for us a symbol of the fine line between summer and autumn, when it is still warm but the winds are already beginning to bring the change.

Pinot Noir does not like the heat, it thrives in cooler and airy latitudes. In our country, the most suitable conditions for growing it are on our northern Black Sea coast, and it is from there, near Kaliakra, that we liked the grapes for this brandy.

In our Arkana Nota, we have tried to capture and recreate the beautiful and noble aromas of this variety - small red berries, pleasantly complemented by light honey-vanilla nuances, to which the partial aging in an oak barrel contributes.

Pinot Noir is often called the king of wine, and Arkana Nota is a brandy that undoubtedly also deserves such royal attention - a true Nota Bene!

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